Intense, Informative, Insightful and In Defense of America!!!

ONE NATION, UNDER ATTACK by Grant R. Jeffery is a book telling what is happening with the big government liberals (progressives?) in charge.

This book deals heavily with the current debt of over $16,000,000,000,000. Grant Jeffery is a Biblical scholar of eschatology. He looks at the current political situation in both Europe and the United States in regard to the debt of many within the European continent.

The United States is not mentioned in eschatology and Jeffery explains how the decline of America leads to that fact.

This book could be rather difficult for a non-believer to read as it talks of the coming chaos and what it means for each of us in the United States. It is written with the viewpoint of some one who is a pre-millenialist.

I am thankful that I have read the rest of the Story as revealed in Scripture.

Jeffery reveals more of the connections between wealthy liberals and our current government leadership, including President Obama.

I received this book from the publisher. It would be a great read for anyone interesting in eschatology or someone that is a political junkie.


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