Blind Hope

BLINE HOPE is the title of a book I recently read. I was not for sure what it was going to be about other than a woman and her rescue dog. The story is much more than that.

Kim, the author, had been the recipient of the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Award, given for high honors in public service. In BLIND HOPE, she tells the story of Laurie and how a homely rescue dog actually became the rescuer. The book gives great insight into the training of a disobedient dog who refuses to listen and a person who is rebelling against God and refusing to listen.

The dog is rescued reluctantly. How often do we reluctantly listen to what God’s word says. We go through the motions of Christianity but it takes more than motions to reach a commitment that amounts to anything. How many people have a dog? How many people have a dog that is truly obedient?

The church is full of people. How many of them are being truly obedient to the One they call their Savior?

The dog ends up going blind. For the safety of the dog, it must obey without question. Can we obey or do we look at our circumstances or rely upon self to see us through rough times?

This is a great book that is an easy read. It flows well although I feel like it kind of drug in the middle part. This would be excellent for any animal lover to read. Or…. anyone that is reluctant to follow Christ with no reserve.

I received this book from the publisher. Kim Meeder has written other books, Hope Rising and Bridge Called Hope. I’m going to look into locating them so I can read them as well.


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Husband of One terrific wife, father of 4, small church pastor, reader, retired, still learning.
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