Taking Aim by Eva Shockey

Taking Aim by Eva Shockey is quite the book. This book is an easy one to read and an autobiographical story of a young lady who has a career choice that is rarely traveled.

Eva Shockey tells of her journey from ballet lessons to traveling world wide hunting a wide variety of game. She tells of the resistance she has received by all sorts of animal rights activists and also by many who are hunters.

This is a great read for anyone who loves the great outdoors and cares for God’s creation. Any hunter would truly love this book. It you are on the edge and not sure where you stand on hunting and taking the life of a wild animal, you need to read this book as well.

Shockey goes to length to tell of the benefits that hunters provide to game conservation around the world. The numbers of animals in the United States that are considered big game have gone up dramatically under the guidance of Game organizations in all of the states. Wild game provides for food for many in underdeveloped nations around the globe.

I must admit, I am a hunter. Certainly not to the level that Eva Shockey attains, but one that enjoys the outdoors and putting venison into my freezer. As the temperature begin to drop, I am looking forward to deer season where I hopefully can harvest a deer.

I received this book from the publisher in return for an honest review.

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Explosive! Sobering Testimonial!

I just finished reading CONVICTED by Jameel McGee and Andrew Collins!  The cover states that this is a story of a crooked cop an innocent man and an unlikely journey of forgiveness and friendship.

That only begins to tell the story.  CONVICTED covers racial tensions, anger, guilt, the pressures put on our local police forces around the nation and a look at life behind bars.  White and black.  Guilt and innocence.

This is written following the timeline in the lives of these two men.  A trip to the store leads to a 10 year sentence in a Federal Prison.  The pressure to be an achiever leads to false charges.

God steps in and slowly works in the lives of Jameel and Andrew.  No dramatic overnight changes, but slowly speaking to the hearts of each person.

This is an easy read.  CONVICTED is due to go on sale September 19, 2017.  I was given the privilege to read an uncorrected proof copy of the book in return for an honest review.  If there were a way to give more than 5 stars, this would be earned by this book!

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Tremendous GIFT!!! Salvation

I just finished reading Max Lucado’s latest book, THE GIFT FOR ALL PEOPLE.   This is a wonderful, uplifting book.  The sub-title is Thoughts on God’s Great Grace.

I think anyone who has been a believer for a long time would benefit from reading this book as it serves as a reminder of just how precious we are in God’s sight.  Anyone who is wondering what life is all about and just where they are headed would find great direction in this book.

THE GIFT FOR ALL PEOPLE is a very easy read and it gives a person a multitude of things on which to stop and reflect.   This book was very encouraging to me.

I truly appreciate how Max Lucado puts into words Biblical truths so simply.  He makes it all so easy to understand.

I received this book from the publisher in return for an honest review.

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Predictable, but good

Back in the Saddle by Ruth Logan Herne is a book set in the ranch area of the Double S Ranch in modern times.  The main theme is how your past experiences can come with you and truly change how you judge people.  Colt, the owners son was in high finance in NYC and Angie, who comes to the ranch as a “kitchen manager” came from Seattle where she had been a detective.

Christian themes run throughout the book and lives are changed because of it.

I like a book with twists and turns but this one keeps going pretty straight throughout the entire story.

Back in the Saddle tells of restoration and renewal as the lives of many of the characters intertwine.

I received this book as an Advanced Reading Copy in exchange for an honest review.  More stories of the Double S Ranch are forthcoming.  This book is to be on sale, March 15,2016.  I will look forward to reading Ruth Logan Herne’s next book in this series.

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Intense, Informative, Insightful and In Defense of America!!!

ONE NATION, UNDER ATTACK by Grant R. Jeffery is a book telling what is happening with the big government liberals (progressives?) in charge.

This book deals heavily with the current debt of over $16,000,000,000,000. Grant Jeffery is a Biblical scholar of eschatology. He looks at the current political situation in both Europe and the United States in regard to the debt of many within the European continent.

The United States is not mentioned in eschatology and Jeffery explains how the decline of America leads to that fact.

This book could be rather difficult for a non-believer to read as it talks of the coming chaos and what it means for each of us in the United States. It is written with the viewpoint of some one who is a pre-millenialist.

I am thankful that I have read the rest of the Story as revealed in Scripture.

Jeffery reveals more of the connections between wealthy liberals and our current government leadership, including President Obama.

I received this book from the publisher. It would be a great read for anyone interesting in eschatology or someone that is a political junkie.

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Mike Glenn and his book “THE GOSPEL OF YES” it written for anyone who’s Christian walk has become hum-drum or just so-so.

Years ago, I came to know Christ and locked into Romans 8:16-17 where God’s Word states that I am a child of the King! A joint heir with Christ! Coming from a background of alcoholism and jail time, I claimed those verses and thought to myself, “If I an a child of the King, what am I doing down here in the gutter?”

Many people, however seem to be living lives where they are hum-drum or just so-so about Christianity. They claim the promises of heaven and eternal life, but struggle with living a life of joy and victory!

This book explains how a person can be transformed by just looking at the GOSPEL OF YES rather than Christianity being a series of no’s.

Mike Glenn gives personal examples and then lists the characters from Scripture that struggled until they realized that God really wanted to say YES!

Abram messed up over and over again. And yet, God, in His grace, gave him a son Isaac and truly made him the father of many nations. In Genesis 12, Abram was promised and then for the next several chapters, he messes up again and again. Sarai stayed with him, (I think my wife would have left) and ultimately told him YES and gave him a son.

Anyone struggling with not having all that Christ has for them needs to read this boo

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